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Helping directors and founders succeed like for-profits—without selling their souls.

Need a fresh perspective?

I know what what it's like to run the show on your own. I'm familiar with the many hats and the constant grind that prevents you from progressing past the day-to-day. Maybe you're the sole member of your organization and you're looking to grow your staff, or maybe you have a team that is stretched thin. I'm here to provide fresh eyes and new solutions so you can break outside the grind and rise to new heights.


The services you need to get the results you want

1:1 guidance at your pace
The transformation of your organization starts with the transformation of you. I work with you to uncover areas of organizational and thinking improvement to create authentic change.
Positioning, research, messaging
Don't compete with others, create the category for which you are the perfect fit and see funder and partner engagement soar.
Brand implementation
I translate market and donor research findings into branded visuals optimized for stress-free implementation by your team. Landing pages, donor reports, social templates and more.
Success checkups
Support and instruction for you and your team even after handoff means you're guaranteed to get results.

What people are saying • What people are saying • What people are saying • What people are saying •

Past successes

"Everything exceeded my expectations!"

"What I thought would be a simple advisory session on how to design a good website turned out to be a deep dive into the vision, mission, and purpose of our Institute. Siena came prepared with much more than I anticipated. My experience working with her on this branding project was joyful, energizing, and tremendously exciting. It clarified so much and led to deep conversations about the nature and purpose of our work."

-Aaron E.

"Siena will not treat you and your business as one among many"

"But rather seek to understand its unique identity and potential in order to make your business the most successful that it can be. Coming out of our meetings with Siena, I felt both energized and informed about the path forward in developing our institute. Her thorough and knowledgeable guidance left me excited to implement what we had discussed and confident about how to do so."
-Joshua M.

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