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Brand refresh for What Will They Learn?

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Client: What Will They Learn?

An initiative in the higher-education reform space, the What Will They Learn? project has been supporting excellent college-level programs across the U.S. since its founding in 2009.

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The Challenge

Founded in 2009, the What Will They Learn? project was well in need of a refresh. What Will They Learn? aims to prepare students with a robust education through annual reports surveying the curricula of over 1,130 liberal arts institutions. Since prospective college students and parents of students were the main target audience, WWTL knew they needed to maintain relevance and approachability, without becoming unrecognizable to loyal followers. Siena Mara Design was tasked with re-envisioning ACTA in the 2020s era, overhauling key brand elements without sacrificing the core of the What Will They Learn? identity.

The Solution

In order to strike the balance between familiarity and relevance, we chose to feature the classic WWTL? logomark in a streamlined and modern silhouette. Selective and careful use of WWTL's extensive brand colors ensured the brand would feel fresh and exciting, rather than overwhelming.

Since we knew the WWTL? project would have many content channels across print and digital media, we developed various branded assets, patterns, and secondary brand marks to cover every conceivable use case. With a well-rounded brand kit at hand, What Will They Learn? could move forward in confidence, without having to return to design and development months down the road.

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