Approachable branding for The After Party

Brand strategy, Brand identity, marketing collateral
Client: Redeeming Babel

A project of Redeeming Babel, The After Party is an online curriculum which forms Christians to better engage in political life. The After Party steers away from a political identity that focuses on the "what" of ideologies, policies, parties and politicians, to an identity centered around the "how" of engagement through the virtues of justice, humility and mercy.

The Challenge

Siena Mara Design was approached to provide brand strategy services, particularly in the development of logos and secondary marks to be used across various touchpoints of the online course platform. The client's main objective was to convey a brand atmosphere of humility, approachability, and hopefulness--descriptors not often found in the political education space.

The Solution

Through strategic meetings with the Redeeming Babel team, Siena Mara Design was able to craft a brand strategy and logo suite that invites users in, establishing trust by means of hopeful, encouraging imagery and messaging. Careful thought was taken to rethink overused imagery in a unique way, thereby underscoring The After Party's position as a new, fresh voice in a tired arena.

After focusing in on The After Party's target audience's backgrounds, needs and pain points, we were able to determine the unique brand voice and messaging required to properly engage those audience members. This information directly guided the development of the visual brand identity and subsequent marketing pieces such as social media post templates, website and landing page design, and event materials. Siena Mara Design cut down on repetitive and inefficient tasks by creating a brand guidelines document for use by the Redeeming Babel team and external partners.

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