Branding from the ground up with Hidden Gems

Brand strategy, Brand identity
Client: Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems is an initiative whose mission is to highlight and support excellent liberal arts college programs across the United States.

The Challenge

The Hidden Gems project had been live for months but didn't have a logo or brand identity. Even though Hidden Gems provided a unique and valuable experience that set them apart from other competitors in their niche, its lack of brand presence prevented them from connecting with their audience and leaving a lasting impression. Hidden Gems needed a brand system that was clearly identifiable as being "collegiate," without looking like an actual college brand identity; the client also wanted something that balanced the authority of tradition with the approachability of more modern styling.

The Solution

Beginning with strategic meetings to hone in on Hidden Gems' brand core and target audience, we crafted a brand strategy that successfully differentiated from competitors and targeted key audience groups. Since Hidden Gems' primary offering is a college search engine tool, we focused on creating brand assets that could be used as badges.

A circular logo with a key on top of a scroll with the words "Hidden Gems"
A key and scroll logo with the words "Hidden Gems"
A large apple computer on a desk with a branded informational slide on the screen.